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2024 Academic and Fine Arts Competition

Front Range Baptist Academy

625 E. Harmony Road

Ft. Collins, CO  80525


State Competition: March 7, 2024 at Front Range Baptist Academy - Ft. Collins, CO

National Competition: April 9-11, 2024 at Bob Jones University - Greenville, SC

**We are using CACS-specific judging forms for state competition. Forms can be found on this page below each category (Academics, Art, etc.).

Schedule for March 7, 2024 - TBD

CACS Competition Information and Forms

1. General Information Letter 2024

2. 2024 Tournament Category List

3. Tournament Registration:

      CACS Member Tournament Registration 

      CACS Non-Member Tournament Registration

4. Competition Deadlines 2024

5. Division Chairman Contact Information

6. NEW: You must use CACS judging forms. All forms are available below per category. 


7. Academic:

     Test Request Form

     Academic Division Info.

     Academic Judging Forms

8. Spelling Bee Documents:

     Spelling Bee Contestant List

     Elementary Spelling Bee Rules

     Kindergarten Spelling Words

     First and Second Grade Spelling Words

     Third through Fifth Grade Spelling Words 

Junior & Senior High Words:

Senior High needs to study all the word lists.

Junior High students need to study only contest A and Champion A lists.

9. Science Fair Documents: Anyone attempting to go to the national competition with their entry will need the science fair manual found in the new 2020 AACS Manual. (The CACS judging form is found in the academic judging forms.) 

     Science Fair Contestant List


10. Art:

     Sr. High Art Rules

     Elem/Jr. High Art Rules

     Senior High Art Information Sheet

     Junior High Art Info Sheet

     Elementary Art Info Sheet 

     Elem/Jr. High Judging Form/Artist's Idea Stmt

     Sr. High Judging Forms/Artist's Idea Stmt


11. Music:

     Music Information Sheets - Junior High

     Music Information Sheets - Senior High

     Music Division Info.

     Music Competition Question and Answers

     Music Judging Forms 


12. Bible: 

     Bible Division Rules and Info.

     Bible Information Sheet - Senior High

     Bible Information Sheet - Junior High 

     Bible Judging Forms

13. Speech: 

     Speech Information Sheet - Senior High

     Speech Information Sheet - Junior High

     Speech Rules and Info.

     Speech Judging Forms

Competition Changes for 2023-24

2024 Focus


Old Testament Testing: Proverbs


New Testament Testing: Philippians, Colossians, I & II Thessalonians, I Timothy


Bible Quizzing: Matthew

Bible Memory: Sin and Salvation (See AACS National Competition Manual, 2020 Edition, Appendix)

Debate: Resolved:  The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.


New 2020 AACS Manual:

Please refer to the 2020 AACS competition manual for all the rules. A manual may be purchased for your school from the following link:


Significant Changes in the 2020 AACS competition manual


Please read the general information and registration guidelines carefully.

School Online Registration Deadline - TBA


1.  2024 AACS General Information

2.  2024 Registration Guidelines


You can find more information on the AACS website ( under the "Competition" tab.

Warning! Use the 2020 judging forms or you will be penalized at the competition. 


These forms have "2020 American Association of Christian Schools" beside the copyright sign at the bottom of the page


2. 2024 Competition Annual Update

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